by Christian Lawson January 17, 2024 2 min read

We are thrilled to share some exciting news - Zima Dental was honored as finalists in two categories at the prestigious 2023 Dental Industry Awards: 'Outstanding Business of the Year' and 'Product of the Year'. This double recognition marks a significant milestone in our journey of innovation and excellence in oral appliance care.

A Tribute to Our Team

First and foremost, this achievement is a reflection of the hard work and dedication of our incredible team at Zima Dental. From our passionate product developers to our customer-focused support staff, each member has played an integral role in shaping our success. We extend our deepest gratitude to our team for their commitment and tireless efforts.

Spotlight on the Dental Pod

Central to our nominations was our groundbreaking Dental Pod. This ultrasonic cleaning marvel has transformed the way we care for oral appliances such as retainers, aligners, dentures, and mouth guards. By employing advanced ultrasonic technology, the Dental Pod ensures thorough cleaning without damaging the appliance's structure, a feature that has garnered acclaim from dental professionals globally.

A Gathering of Industry Leaders

The Dental Industry Awards ceremony in London wasn't just a showcase of achievements; it was a vibrant meeting point for like-minded innovators in the dental sector. Standing as finalists among these industry leaders was not just an honor, but a moment of shared vision and camaraderie. This event underscored the collective drive towards advancing oral healthcare, where each participant, including Zima Dental, contributed uniquely and significantly.

Looking to the Future

Following our nomination, we are more energized than ever to continue our quest for innovation. We see this recognition not as a finish line but as a starting point for more groundbreaking developments in oral appliance care.

Thank you for being a part of our story, and here's to many more years of innovation and success in oral health!

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