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Hydro pod

Hydro pod

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Smart Water Flosser

4.9 | 112 Reviews
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Thirty percent of the tooth surface lies in areas inaccessible by a toothbrush. Failure to clean the gaps in-between teeth can lead to harmful plaque and bacteria build up as well as tooth decay and bad breath. Join the millions of people who have already switched to water flossing worldwide.

  • Avoid harmful build up between teeth
  • Remove bad breath contributors
  • Clean and stimulate below the gumline
  • Stop damage from traditional floss
Water flosser vs string floss
Water flossing in dentistry
Technical specifications
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Ten different
pressure settings

Ipax7 waterproof

LED intelligent


Large 280ml
detachable tank

“I love my Dental pod so I thought I'd try the Hydro pod, I have to say again I am blown away with how good it is. It takes 1/2 the time of string flossing and my teeth feel so fresh!”

Over the years I’ve spent a small fortune on my teeth so I’ll do anything to keep them in good shape. The Hydro pod has really helped to reassure me that my gaps are clean

This product is amazingly engineering, it’s quite incredible how a small portable device can generate so much pressure that is so effective at cleaning, bravo.

Water flosser vs string floss
The Hydro pod has a number of advantages when compared to traditional string floss. Most importantly, it has been proven in lab studies that water flossing is 29% more effective at cleaning while only requiring half the cleaning time as manual flossing methods. In addition the Hydro pod is much more dynamic offering 10 different pressure settings and 5 unique cleaning nozzles allowing you to clean under the gum-line and the tongue.Traditional floss if used inappropriately can cause damage to teeth and gums; enamel can be worn away and the gums can be forced to recede. You’ll also have to keep going back to buy more, how long is that piece of string!
Water flossing in dentistry
The technology utilised in the Hydro pod is directly engineered from the technology commonly used by hygienists. High pressure water is an essential mechanism of a full oral cleaning appointment. Although we would always advise visiting a hygienist for professional advice and direction, the Hydro pod serves as the next best alternative. Enjoy a dentist fresh feeling from the comfort of your own home.
Technical specifications
  • Rated: 3.7V 5W
  • Waterproof level: IPX7
  • Input parameters: 5V 1A
  • Weight: 460g
  • Tank Volume: 300ml
  • Power Supply: AC 100-220V,
  • 50Hz USB charger

Get that dentist fresh feel and improve your dental health

The Hydro pod uses an industry leading ultrafine water column to deep clean the gaps of your teeth

Your Problem

30% of teeth uncleaned
Tooth decay and gum disease

Our Solution

10-110psi ultrafine water column
5 different cleaning nozzels

The Result

Improved dental health
A dentist fresh feeling everyday

5 different nozzels included for the most comprehensive clean.

Standard tip

Standard tip

Designed for daily dental cleaning, more effective than dental floss and healthier for gums.

Ultra-fine pulsed water column pierces deep into the inner column of the teeth removing plaque build up, soft grime and food residue.

The pulsing water jet will assist in massaging the gums promoting healthy blood flow.

Plaque brush tip

Plaque brush tip

Designed to help clean the surface of the tooth.

To be used as a supplement to a traditional toothbrush adding an additional cleaning method for particularly problematic areas or those with a tendency for plaque build up.

The pulsing water jet and brush work in tandem to effectively remove stubborn stains and plaque.

Orthodontic tip

Orthodontic tip

Designed for supplementary cleaning of oral appliances including fixed appliances as well as removable appliances.

The bristles are designed to work in combination with the fine pulsed water flow to clean the bacteria, plaque and stains.

This method can be used in addition to the Dental pod ultrasonic cleaner to remove any stubborn stains or plaque.

Periodontal tip

Periodontal tip

Designed for cleaning the periodontal pocket (​​openings surrounding the teeth under the gum line).

Pulsed water column cleans deep into the periodontal pocket.

Fine nozzle with a low pressure, can clean the harmful bacteria that can build up in the periodontal pocket.

Tongue cleaner

Tongue cleaner

Designed for cleaning your tongue.

Circular arc design, redirects the jet stream into a scattered ray, this can then be used to easily clean the full surface of the tongue.

The cleaning method will remove harmful bacteria and food residue promoting greater oral health and removing bad breath

Hydro pod

Smart Water Flosser

We’re proud to have thousands of happy customers keeping clean around the world. We stand behind our products, and offer a 30-day money back guarantee.