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Zima Fresh

Zima Fresh

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Remineralising Mint Oral Hygiene Spray

5.0 | 4 Reviews

Oral appliances harbour odour producing bacteria that can cause bad breath, cavities, and stains.

Zima Fresh combats these problems by providing raw materials needed for enamel growth, neutralising bacterial growth and keeping your breath minty fresh. 

  • Protects your teeth from decay
  • Freshens Breath & aligners
  • Neutralises bacteria
  • Naturally vitamin rich ingredients
What’s in Zima Fresh?
Why is my breath worse after wearing my appliance?
How should I use zima fresh?
Who is Zima Fresh for?
Why is Zima Fresh better than chewing gum?
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Minty Fresh Confidence, Backed by Science

Naturally antimicrobial agents reduce oral bacteria

Enamel Remineralisation and improved gum care

Minty Fresh breath throughout the day

Neutralises acid produced by bacteria

What’s in Zima Fresh?

Zima Fresh contains Vitamins B6, C, D2, E, K2, which aid teeth remineralisation, calcification, and act against gum disease. Naturally occurring xylitol & sorbitol reduce tooth erosion, neutralise acids and increase saliva production, while sodium bicarbonate neutralise various acids produced by bacteria.

Who is Zima Fresh for?

Anyone who wants to discreetly freshen their breath and improve their oral hygiene throughout the day. Fast-acting anti-microbial action, acid neutralisation and enamel remineralisation help restore your mouth to it’s healthiest, helping prevent negative symptoms associated with oral appliance use.

Why is Zima Fresh better than chewing gum?

People with oral appliances may not be able to chew gum while they wear their appliance, and their teeth can be too sore to chew. Zima Fresh is a discreet, fast acting alternative with anti-microbial and remineralising action to improve oral hygiene instead of just mask the symptoms of bacteria build up.

Why is my breath worse after wearing my appliance?

Bad breath, or halitosis, can occur when wearing an oral appliance for several reasons:

  1. Oral appliances can trap bacteria, food particles, and debris, leading to the release of foul-smelling gases as bacteria multiply.
  2. Some appliances can decrease saliva production, resulting in a dry mouth, which contributes to bad breath.
  3. Materials in oral appliances may absorb and retain odors over time.

The Natural Next Step in Your Oral Appliance Journey

  • Fresher Breath
  • Fresher Aligners
  • On-the-go
  • Pocket-sized
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