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The Zima Go utilises a dual-action system, combining both UVC and UVA light, ensuring an exceptionally thorough and effective sterilisation process.

UVC light, with its shorter, more energetic wavelength, is renowned for its germicidal properties. It works by penetrating the cell walls of bacteria and viruses, destroying their genetic material and effectively neutralising them.

Following the UVC sterilisation, the device employs UVA light, which has a longer wavelength. This second stage of the process not only ensures any potential surviving microorganisms are effectively dealt with but also assists in removing stains and odors from the dental appliances. This helps maintain not just the hygiene but also the aesthetics of your oral appliances.

Through extensive testing and development, we've ensured that this dual-action system works optimally within a short duration, providing you with a thoroughly sanitised dental appliance quickly and conveniently. We've optimised the intensity and exposure time to each type of UV light, ensuring maximum efficacy without causing any damage to your appliances. It's a robust system that provides confidence in the cleanliness of your dental appliance every time you use it.

Zima Go's sliding lid is easy to use and very secure. With a gentle push, you can slide the lid open to put your dental appliance inside. Once you're done, just slide it back. A built-in magnet makes sure the lid snaps shut and stays that way, keeping the UV lights sealed inside for safe and effective cleaning. Plus, this smart design lets you open and close the lid with just one hand. It's simple, safe, and straightforward - that's Zima Go.

Absolutely! Zima Go's durable metal exterior and secure magnetic lid make it perfect for travel. The sturdy finish resists scratches and damage, while the compact design fits easily into any luggage. With Zima Go, you can ensure your dental appliances stay sanitised, no matter where your journey takes you.

Zima Go's increased size and unique crescent interior shape make it an ideal fit for a range of oral appliances, including aligners, retainers, mouthguard, biteguards, nightguards, partials and even toothbrush heads.

Its smart design comfortably accommodates different sizes, ensuring thorough and efficient sterilization every time. With Zima Go, all your oral hygiene items are always clean and ready to use.

The case of the Zima Go is constructed from a robust aluminum alloy (Al-Alloy). This material was chosen due to its exceptional strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion, ensuring the device can withstand daily use and travel without compromising its performance or aesthetics. Inside, the case is made from a combination of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and PC (Polycarbonate), both of which are resilient, long-lasting, and safe materials for use in sterilization devices. They also have a reflective quality which helps to spread the UV light.

Yes, despite Zima Go's compact size (Φ90mm28.5mm), the design is highly space-efficient. Its internal space (Φ84.5mm20.2mm) can accommodate more than one item, allowing you to transport and sterilise multiple items simultaneously. However, to ensure effective sterilisation, we advise not to overcrowd the case and to arrange items in a way that allows the UV light to reach all surfaces.

Zima Go is powered by an efficient, built-in 300mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. With an incredibly efficient power draw of just 0.2W, this battery allows you to use the steriliser for months between charges. Charging is easy and convenient, made possible via the modern USB Type-C port. Simply connect the device to a power source using the provided USB-C cable. The device features an indicator light that lets you know when it's charging and when the battery is fully charged.

For a comprehensive 360-degree hygiene approach, we recommend using both the Dental Pod and the Zima Go.

The Dental Pod provides a thorough ultrasonic clean, dislodging particles and removing stains from your oral appliances, as well as a full saturation sterilisation. But remember, bacteria can recolonise quickly once the appliance is exposed to the environment.

That's where the Zima Go comes into play. It serves not only as a sterilizer but also as a protective storage case when your appliance is not being cleaned or worn. By housing your dental appliances in the Zima Go, you're keeping them in a consistently sterilized environment. This reduces the potential for bacterial and viral contamination between cleanings and wears, providing continuous protection for your oral health.

Yes the Zima Go comes with a full 12 month warranty.

Of course, as a reward for researching the product so diligently you can use the code SECRET5 at checkout.